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Who We Are

Marine Machine

Marine Machine UK was set up by two individuals who share a passion for quality workmanship & engineering.

Sean Burgess

Sean started his journey back in 1982 when he worked for E H Stock Engineering. Whilst working here Sean attended 

 engineering college in Southampton as part of an apprenticeship on day release. 

After becoming qualified Sean decided to attend Southampton university to gain a degree in mechanical engineering.

Sean has worked for some great companies & has gained a lot of experience and expertise whilst doing so. 

Mark Hunt

Mark started out in the fuel injection industry in 2001 as a trainee. After this Mark worked as part of a team working on slow & medium speed Diesel engines before securing an apprenticeship with Rollo UK. This is where Mark & Sean first worked together & although both have worked for different companies after Rollo, they remained good friends.

Marine Machine UK

After many discussions about the future Sean & Mark decided to form a company. Marine Machine UK ltd. This would allow the friends to build a company  which would ensure their shared passion for high quality workmanship & engineering would be recognised. 

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